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Personalized bookmark - free shipping!

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Perfect for a birthday, Mother's Day, or graduation gift! Give a one-of-a-kind personalized bookmark hand-lettered and "painted" with art pens, giving them a slight textured finished.

Colour options are:

  • bold and glossy in reds and pinks
  • bold and glossy in blues and purples
  • muted and flat in pastels
  • let us surprise you!

Be sure to select your colour option and then to indicate the name or word you'd like on the bookmark. Being handmade, each bookmark is unique so the final look may vary slightly from these photos, but the style will be very similar.  

Shipping is free within North America. Order 3 or more to activate the 10% Spread Joy Special discount!

Please allow at least one week for shipping, more for multiple bookmarks.